Wizard Builds Guide


Let me do a general presentation of the wizard.As gameplay The wizard offers one of the most challenging and fun gameplay. Wizard is a ranged attacker, which means lower life and more damage, maybe one of the biggest damage. Keeping the distance and killing monster before they can touch you is crucial.

The end build will is the crucial, and we should always keep it in mind

The first build we have is the:
Frost Wizard Mage – Blizzard Wizard

Fire Wizard – Meteor Wizard

Energy Twister Wizard

You Should Play A Wizard If:  If you love standing far away from enemies and blowing them up from a distance, then the Wizard will be perfect for you. Wizards are generally described as a glass canon class, as they deal tons of destructive damage but can’t take too much direct fire from enemies as they’re rather low on health compared to some other classes.

Area attacks are spells that can hit large groups of enemies at once and punish them for standing close together.

Additionally, all your spell attacks are based off of your weapon’s damage and the delay between your attacks is equal to your attack speed, even for spells. This means you can equip a slow 2-handed weapon for powerful, bursty spells, but you also have to wait a long period of time between the casting of spells.

You can get a pet but it cannot be attacked, so aside from your Follower or party members, the Wizard has no one to tank damage for it.

Additionally, you cannot chain teleport like you could in Diablo 3. While you can add on a rune to Teleport which reduces the cooldown to zero, the Arcane Power cost still will only allow you to use it about 10 times in a row before running out of Arcane Power. You cannot use it 100 times straight through to skip to the end boss of a dungeon like you could in Diablo 2.

Compared to other classes, the only area where the Wizard really disappoints is in single-target damage. Even when geared out, I find that the Wizard is among the slowest killers of the Skeleton King, with perhaps only the Monk being worse. The Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor (after unlocking Haunt), and Barbarian (after unlocking Frenzy) are all noticeably faster at killing this boss.

Fortunately, the Wizard does deal great AoE damage – even after the damage and radius nerf Arcane Orb is still the best AoE skill.

Combat Builds and Strategies

Diablo 3 Wizard is a powerful but vulnerable magical prodigy, with the raw potential for mass devastation. These three builds draw upon the strengths of her available skills.

Elemental Master – The Wizard claims dominion over the elements and equips skills that deal Fire, Lightning, Cold and Arcane damage. She becomes the class equivalent of a Swiss army knife, capable of hurting even the most resistance-buffed monsters. But at higher levels when most resistances rise at a level pace, the Wizard could be forced to focus on a single mastery element.

Magical Glass Canon – The Wizard is capable of tremendous mass destruction when left unchecked. In this build, Wizards trade in their Defensive skills for more powerful Force and Mastery skills. It then falls on the party – and this build will work best in one – to protect her as she charges up her Arcane Energy for another magical salvo.

Elusive Illusionist – A more defensive build for Wizards, the illusionist has quick access to Defensive and Conjuration skills that help her elude melee attacks and repel aggressors with her Armor spells. All the while, she is whittling down the health of targets with ranged blasts and untargetable familiars. This is a great starting point for a PvP-focused build.